Autism Inclusive are a small charity that was started by a group of people with Autism who found some of the best support they received was from people who, not just understood the condition, but lived the condition.

We had humble beginnings as an adult group that met every Wednesday afternoon to talk about our lives. And not just the struggles, heaven knows there are many struggles with having the condition, but also the triumphs and benefits of having the condition. Autism and Asperger’s does affect lives, but together we can make it for the better.

As the group gained numbers it came to light that there was an unfortunate lack of appropriate support, particularly when it came to high functioning Autism (also known as mild autism / Asperger’s Syndrome). How many times have you heard “you don’t look autistic?” or better yet “we all have off days”. It felt like a brush off, which is something we were tired of, so we decided to help ourselves and in the process help others too!

We have a board of trustees as well as many volunteers who give up their time to provide the best experience they can to any person who walks through our door.


Karen Betts


Jason Podmore


Lucy Lee

Parent Liaison Manager

Sharon Robinson

Marketing & Administration Manager

Kirstie Scott

Administration Assistants

Auldan Massey

Youth Club/Youth Engagement

Alison Douglas


We also have a large amount of companies, both local and national, that offer their support.