We are based at the Apollo Buckingham Health Science Campus in Crewe.

When arriving at the campus, if you are driving you will need to “buzz in” at the entrance gate, where a member of the campus staff will ask you where you are visiting. Once they know you’re visiting Autism Inclusive you will be let through the entrance and advised to follow the campus road to the left. Keep driving until you come across a large carpark. We are the building on the corner, you should be able to see our garden area and our large tree logo is visible inside our porch entrance (please refer to the map).

Entrance access cards are available for drivers and cost £3.00 per card.

If you are walking, you will need to enter the campus at the main entrance. A member of campus staff may ask you where you are visiting and will be happy to point you in our direction. Please follow the campus road to the left, and use our main entrance near the large carpark.

If you are traveling by bus, there are stops just outside the campus entrance on Crewe Green Road. Please refer to local bus company timetables for up-to-date information.

Accessing our Building

Please click the link below for quick video detailing how to access our building…


When approaching our building, you will see our large tree logo and our front door.

When you press the access button, the door will automatically open. You will enter a stairwell. We are the large door to your left. There is a small panel on the wall to the left, you will need to press the buzzer and wait for a member of staff to answer, ask who you are, and allow entry.

We have this type of door so that when little ones are in our setting, they are unable to run out onto the main car park. It also allows us to know who is inside of our building.

If you are booked onto a session and having difficulty accessing our building, please give us a call and we will come out to help you. Our landline number is 01270 214859.